SHHU5-Lite Concrete Cement Round LED Table Lamp
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Light up your room with a variety of DYNAMIC gorgeous bright colors to create the atmosphere of your choice when it's time to turn on the mood lighting. The SHHU5Lite is a refined yet robust concrete lamp featuring a FROST finish with twelve silver trimmed openings that illuminate with a distinct contemporary flair.  The LED technology infused into this lamp has an unprecedented amount of color variations reflecting in a dynamic patterns onto its carbon fiber core. Further more it features a powerful  LED directional gimbal uplight with a focused beam perfect for featuring art work or picture frames of your choice.  All this is easily controlled by a set of dual RF wireless remotes with dimming strobe and color changing options. Its exclusive minimalist design was created by contemporary designer Rafael for his Carbon Fiber series and made in America. Plus, the LED light consumes 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you can feel good about your new space‐age lighting solution.





100% hand made

Low power consumption

 Pure color Rendering

 Frost Finish

 Carbon fiber veneer trim

 50,000 hr+ LED Light source

 Dual RF Controls (Control can control any other Cfab Studios RF based lamp)

 USA AC 100v -240v 50/60hz  Low voltage plug in adapter included in sale



SHHU5-Lite Concrete Cement Round LED Table Lamp

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