SH3-Lite Concrete Cement Round LED Table Lamp
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Please scroll all the way down for high res images, sale includes one lamp.

Inspired on a flying saucer-this lamp appears to be hoovering over whatever surface it is placed and generates full spectrum lighthing as well as cool lighting effects!

Excellent holiday gift or Christmas present for any one in the family. Kids love it! User friendly and very durable for any age. Provides a nice soft glow throughout the night eliminating the total darkness effect that scares kids. SAFE FUN EFFICIENT AND DURABLE.

The combination of high tech LED lighting with low-tech concrete material really create an interesting combination. Concrete has a natural finish but does contain small surface imperfections found in hand cast concrete such as air bubbles. Item is powered by a 120v-12v DC power supply (included in sale).

What kind of bulb these lamps use? They use a series of high-powered LEDs that do not require replacement and have been used successfully for over 50,000 hrs of use before failure. Additionally these lamps consume at least 70% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and are unaffected by extreme temperature change, impact, shock, or water and humidity exposure. In conclusion you are getting a very durable lamp with the latest and most efficient low voltage lighting technology avaliable to consumers.


This lamp comes with a Quick Disconnect Connector US plug power supply and is compatible to be used in the US and Europe.  (Universal AC adapter, input 100-240V, output DC12V) Bulb is included and is a 50,000 hr rated LED array that consumes 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Features include Remote Control function (infrared), Built in Memory- unit will remember last color after powered off of power outage. speed adjustable for color changing effects, dynamic color changing effects-Flash/ Strobe/ color jump change/ red green blue full color spectrum smooth change,  brightness/ dimming adjustable for static colors. Remote on/off.



We value your support and honor your trust in our products by offering FOREVER warranty on all our products. We would like you to know that your investment in our products will yeild a LIFETIME of enjoyment.


We are the only lighting designer to stand by a FOREVER warranty. Our education research and development has enabled us to use the most advanced highest quality products as pass that quality along to you in each one of our products.

FOREVER WARRANTY - covers replacement of a Cfab Studios product which shows any signs of degradation in workmanship or material quality for the lifetime of the product. We will replace the product free of charge upon return of the original item. Does not cover intentional abuse or damage to products and buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Important Note: Sale only includes one lamp the control systems and the power supply

View angle:120°
Color Temperature: Varies depending on color 2000k - 8,000k
Size: 2.5” high 6.5” wide
Finish: Natural Cement finish

Cfab Studios


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SH3-Lite Concrete Cement Round LED Table Lamp

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