LED Reading Lamp Concrete Cement Round Circular Led Night E- Lit
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The E-LITE USB is our first task light!

Its cast 100% by hand by Rafael Concepcion LEED A.P. and made in America with American materials so you can feel good about your investment.

It has many uses can be used as a reading table lamp or as a task light for crafts and hobbies such as model making or soldering. It consists of a LED usb adapter with a concrete cast head, two cable support castings and a usb cable.

Adjusting it easy by simply plugging in the usb cord into a computer and inserting the usb cord into the slots in the precast pilings.

The head can be rotated, and the angle could be adjusted by simply sliding it backwards or forward on the main concrete piling. The USB LED head can even be removed and used similar to a flashlight to illuminate a particular detail.

The Concrete has a smooth finish but does contain small surface imperfections found in hand cast concrete such as air bubbles.

Sale includes: USB cable, small concrete cable support piling and a large cable support piling, usb light head.

We value your support and honor your trust in our products by offering FOREVER warranty on all our products. We would like you to know that your investment in our products will yield a LIFETIME of enjoyment.

We are the only lighting designer to stand by a FOREVER warranty. Our education research and development has enabled us to use the most advanced highest quality products as pass that quality along to you in each one of our products.

FOREVER WARRANTY - covers replacement of a Cfab Studios product which shows any signs of degradation in workmanship or material quality for the lifetime of the product. We will replace the product free of charge upon return of the original item. Does not cover intentional abuse or damage to products and buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Operation: Plug into usb and lamp turns on, unplug from usb and lamp turns off.

Sale includes: usb cable, stands, and usb light head

Book not included

Weight: 0.5 lbs
Light output: 60 lumens on 0.5W energy consumption (APPOX EQUIVALENT TO A 5W INCANDESCENT BULB)
View angle:120°
Color Temperature: 5500K PURE WHITE ILLUMINATION
Color: GREY
Size: 7/16" wide x 1-3/8" High
Finish: Natural Cement finish










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LED Reading Lamp Concrete Cement Round Circular Led Night E- Lit

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