Concrete Coaster Black M-Holder Set 3.5" Stone
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This coaster set is our most refined concrete product. It stylishly holds 18 thin 3.5" MA-RE-CON ULTRA FINO Forever water absorbing coasters The surface is as smooth as porcelain yet it has the robust strength of high strength concrete. It is a unique Proprietary Eco Friendly Beton Brut concrete blend we have developed over the past 4 years.

Its cast 100% by hand by Rafael Concepcion LEED A.P. and made in America with American materials so you can feel good about your investment.

It features dual wide slots to allow your index finger and thumb to take as many coasters as you may need.

FOREVER WARRANTY - covers replacement of a Cfab Studios product which shows any signs of degradation in workmanship or material quality for the lifetime of the product. We will replace the product free of charge upon return of the original item. Does not cover intentional abuse or damage to products and buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Please ask about our sustainable product manufacturing strategy.




  • Item #: M-Holder 18

Concrete Coaster Black M-Holder Set 3.5" Stone

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